GlobalSign Customers to Benefit from Faster Secure Webpage Load Speeds

This is a result of a technology partnership with CloudFlare

World-renowned SSL certificate provider GlobalSign has entered a partnership with CloudFlare in order to provide customers with faster webpage loading speeds at no extra charge and with no additional configurations required.

SSL is a must for any company that’s in charge of handling sensitive data. SSL-secured websites are better protected against data breaches, compromises, and fraud.

However, the extra layer of security in some cases impacts the page load speeds of websites because of the time it takes to validate the certificates. This delay is actually one of the reasons for which many organizations haven’t implemented SSL.

This is where the technology partnership between CloudFlare and GlobalSign steps in. The solutions offered by CloudFlare will accelerate the load time of webpages by up to six times compared to traditional SSL.

That’s because the CloudFlare’s extended network of 23 global datacenters will be utilized to deliver the SSL certificate validity status to customers.

“We are focused on helping websites operate with peak efficiency, fast performance and strong security,” said Matthew Prince, co-founder and CEO of CloudFlare.

“The combination of our advanced web optimization technology with GlobalSign's forward-thinking approach to SSL will allow both GlobalSign and CloudFlare customers to stay ahead of their competition when it comes to providing a secure, outstanding and fast user experience.”

There’s one more advantage which stems from this technology partnership. GlobalSign’s Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) services – the ones responsible for validating certificates – will also benefit from CloudFlare’s distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack mitigations systems.

“To maximize the value of their website investments, organizations should take advantage of performance and security technologies available; otherwise, they are putting themselves and consumers at risk of a poor user experience and cyberthreats,” said Ryan Hurst, GlobalSign CTO.

“Our development efforts with CloudFlare, as well as the benefits of CloudFlare's global infrastructure, have eliminated the performance concerns associated with traditional SSL usage. Customers can now deploy SSL more broadly and receive maximum security without impacting the sites' performance.”

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