GlobalFoundries Enters Partnership with IMEC for Sub-22nm CMOS Scaling

GlobalFoundries has just announced that it has entered a partnership with the European research institute IMEC that gives the foundry access to a wide assortment of studies focused on the development of sub-22nm CMOS scaling and GaN-on-Si manufacturing technology.

IMEC's sub-22nm core CMOS program aims at developing processes that can be used in high-volume manufacturing of future logic and memory integrated circuits.

The program includes material and device studies, tool and process step exploration, integration options and advanced characterization towards process technology platforms for the next generation of ICs, as well as exploring and developing the options for further generations.

In addition, GlobalFoundries will also closely collaborate with IMEC on EUV lithography device technology for logic and memory, nano-interconnects and 3D integration.

The other part of the agreement focuses on IMEC's GaN-on-Si research which aims to produce high-performance, cost-effective GaN devices on silicon on 200mm diameter wafers.

“Partnering with GlobalFoundries is very important for IMEC and our partners since it strengthens our collaboration with foundries and thus also the ecosystem we offer in our programs to IDMs and the fabless and fablite community,” said Luc Van den Hove, president and CEO of IMEC.

“We expect this partnership to give a further boost to our research programs over the coming years,” concluded Mr. Van den Hove.

The press release sent out by GlobalFoundries doesn't mention how long the partnership will last, and only describes it as a ”long-term” collaboration.

Next to GloFlo, IMEC has other partnerships on CMOS R&D with companies like TSMC, Intel, Samsung, Elpida and Hynix.

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