Global Apptitude Shaping the Future of Basketball with Playbook for iPad

Basketball coaching programs begin to utilize new iPad technology

The NBA and NCAA are updating their basketball programs to include iPad technology similar to what is used by the NFL football programs. Global Apptitude, the makers of Playbook for iPad, are signing with three NCAA basketball programs and one NBA franchise to license their iPad-based coaching solution.

Global Apptitude serves a third of the NFL for their technology needs, the developer said today.

Three NCAA basketball programs and one NBA franchise signed with the company this week to coach their teams using iPads.

The Milwaukee Bucks, the University of Maryland, Stanford University, and Duke University are all using iPads and the Global Apptitude software product, said the company.

Randy Fusee, Global Apptitude LLC partner, said “We released our basketball, hockey, and soccer versions of our application earlier this summer and the interest has been overwhelming.”

“Some things are universal across all sports – the need to prepare. Our technology takes player preparation to the next level. We're seeing adoption from both men's and women's programs,” added Fusee.

Coach Joanne McCallie of Duke University chimed in to say, “I know that these iPads can help us get better and more efficient in all areas.”

“Whether that is on the court, in the classroom, or for this instance, giving our coaching staff and our team the best advantages possible; we are excited about our partnership with Global Apptitude. Our entire program can access videos, schedules and scouting reports with the touch of a button from anywhere in the country,” said coach McCallie.

Global Apptitude is the company behind Playbook for iPad, a suite of iPad tools tailored perfectly for Coach/Player teaching and learning dynamic.

Interested parties can obtain more information, as well as set up a live product demonstration, at the Global Apptitude official website.

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