Glib Library Reaches Version 2.35.7, Numerous Fixes Added

The number of new features and fixes is impressive

Glib, the low-level core library that forms the basis for projects such as GTK+ and GNOME and that provides data structure handling for C, portability wrappers, and interfaces, is now at version 2.35.7.

Just like the previous update, this new version of Glib also incorporates a huge number of improvements and fixes.

Highlights of Glib 2.35.7:

• The build has been fixed on systems with strict linkers by adding -pthread back to the LDFLAGS for a testcase;

• Make G_IO_FLAG_IS_WRITEABLE an enum again;

• GUnixFdSource is a new way to add file descriptors to the mainloop;

• g_source_set_ready_time lets you mark a source to become ready at a specified monotonic time;

• The internal visibility handling of GLib has been reworked;

• GFileMonitor will now automatically use fam instead of inotify if $HOME is on NFS;

• The file monitor implementation can now be overridden with the GIO_USE_FILE_MONITOR environment variable;

• The monitoring now works over NFS mounts;

• When using the g_network_address_address_enumerator_next(), the IPV6 scope id is no longer lost;

• A crash which occurred when users were closing the last tab of a window using Ctrl-w has been fixed;

• A broken makefile for gio tests has been repaired.

A complete list of changes, bug fixes and updates can be found in the official announcement.

Keep in mind that the Glib library needs to be compiled and you should be very careful when replacing an older version. Comprehensive compiling instructions can be found on the Gnome website or inside the archive.

Also, GLib depends on a number of other libraries and it supports a large variety of extra configuration options, such as --enable-debug, --disable-gc-friendly and --enable-gc-friendly.

Download Glib 2.35.7 right now from Softpedia. Remember that this is a development version and it should NOT be installed on production machines. It is intended for testing purposes only.

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