Glib 2.39.3 Brings No Major Changes, but Lots of Fixes

This is the third development release towards Glib 2.40

The GNOME development team behind the Glib project, a library used in the GNOME desktop environment, has announced the immediate availability for download of Glib 2.39.3, which introduces lots of fixes.

As the developers mentioned at the beginning of the announcement, Glib 2.39.3 brings no major changes, but lots of improvements and small fixes. These include a fix for a crash in gdbus-codegen’s code, improvements to the gobject gdb helper script, races fixes in UNIX signal handling, as well as improved compatibility of GOptionContext and GApplication.

Furthermore, Glib 2.39.3 fixes gsettings.m4 wrt. builddir != srcdir with non-recursive make, uses a directory monitor in GKeyfileSettingsBackend, makes the GVariant-based command-line tools, such as GApplication, glib-compile-schemas and GDBus, to print out GVariant parse errors in context, and adds a --gapplication-service command-line switch to GApplication in order to turn any GApplication into a service.

This third development release of the upcoming Glib 2.40 also brings a very large number of improvements in test coverage, fixes the g_test_trap_reached_timeout() return value, no longer reports skipped tests as failures, improves gtest documentation, fixes various minor issues, and uses tap mode for installed tests.

Moreover, Glib 2.39.3 introduces several portability enhancements, such as a deadlock issue fix with kqueue on FreeBSD, various improvements to Visual Studio projects, some build fixes for Windows, and a workaround for an issue in the Sun Studio compiler.

Last but not least, the Brazilian Portuguese, Galician, Greek, and Hebrew translations have been updated in GLib 2.39.3. Don’t forget to take a closer look at the official raw changelog in case you want to learn more about this release.

Download GLib 2.39.3 right now from Softpedia. Remember that this is a development version and it should NOT be installed on production machines. It is intended for testing purposes only.

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