Glenn Beck Conspiracy: Saudi National Questioned by FBI Initially Flagged as Terrorist

Beck believes that the Saudi man has played a part in the Boston attacks

Glenn Beck is putting forward the theory that a third man might have been involved in the Boston bombings.

Alleging a conspiracy, Beck speaks about the involvement of a Saudi man who has been questioned by authorities as they have started inquiries into the bombings.

The Saudi national, identified at one point as Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi, is listed with an apartment in Boston, Massachusetts.

According to Beck's publication, the Blaze, he may be a student in the States, in Findlay, Ohio.

While at one point suspected of “terrorist activities” and registered for deportation, there is no information on whether or not he is still in the country.

At the beginning of the Boston investigation, he was reportedly classified under section 212 3B, “Classes of Aliens Ineligible for Visas or Admission – Terrorist Activities.”

The International Business Times writes that Beck isn't exactly sure how the Saudi man is involved in the attacks, yet believes that he has played a role in them.

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