Gleaming White Gaming PC from iBuyPower Strides Forth

The Revolt definitely lives up to its name, in more ways than one

When it made its latest desktop gaming system, iBuyPower chose a fairly straightforward means of expressing just what its ultimate purpose was: it chose a very strong word as the name – Revolt.

Though some may disagree, and context will surely have a relevance in this matter, the only real difference between the words Revolution and Revolt is the group of people that use it.

“Revolution” is used by the upset population when it takes to the street with the ultimate goal of toppling the current regime.

“Revolt” is the word used by said regime to describe what they perceive as an unlawful initiative by the masses.

By naming its new gaming desktop PC “Revolt,” one might go out on a limb and say that iBuyPower, despite being part of the “regime,” is taking the side of the populace.

In other words, it agrees that something has to change in order to prevent another year when, shockingly, PC sales go down during the winter holidays.

The first sign that Revolt isn't the normal type of PC is the case: a small white enclosure with a black front panel decorated with mesh-covered cutouts.

A compact power supply is within, along with liquid cooling and NVIDIA GeForce GTX graphics and fast Intel CPUs.

All in all, iBuyPower's Revolt is a mini PC with the same performance level as high-end, full-ATX or larger gaming rigs.

“We didn't look to the industry for inspiration when we were developing Revolt. What we looked for was the burning question of, what would we like to have on our own desks? We wanted to shake up the industry and make something beautiful. This is what Revolt is,” said Darren Su, co-founder and VP of iBuyPower.

iBuyPower even went as far as to give the Revolt overclocking capabilities. The aforementioned liquid cooler helps here (140mm radiator). Sadly, the exact PC specs won't be provided before sales start, in February 2013.

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