Girls Run on the Field at College World Series Game, Take Selfies

Students interrupting a game take photos of themselves as they are being stopped

Three students have stopped a College World Series game and they have captured the entire experience on camera.

According to Larry Brown Sports, Kayleigh Hill, Emily Hill, and Torrie Hill of Omaha burst onto the field during a CWS game. UCLA beat Mississippi State on game day, Tuesday, June 25.

They planned out their adventure and made it a point of promoting it on Twitter beforehand and live-tweeting about it before jumping onto the field.

"If everyone chips in to the $1500 (€1,150) fine between me Emily and Torrie, we will run on the field. Guys I really wanna," they posted.

One of the sisters has announced on social media that Kayleigh and Emily were arrested, while Torrie was freed as she was a minor. They managed to take selfies throughout as they were running on the field.

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