Girls Lift Tractor Off Dad, He Escapes Getting Crushed

Two teenagers lift a 3,000-pound (1,360-kg) vehicle

Two teenagers from Lebanon, Oregon have managed to get a tractor off of their father. The 3,000-pound (1,360-kg) piece of farming equipment would have crushed Jeff Smith if it wasn't for his daughters.

Smith flipped the tractor over while trying to remove a stump that was lodged on his property. KPTV described how he accidentally took his foot off the clutch and the tractor capsized.

"The steering wheel and the steering column is what had me pinned on my chest," Smith says.

Stuck underneath, he was left with only one option – that of calling for help. He alerted his daughters who called 911 right away.

Until an emergency crew arrived, they started digging to get him out, but soon realized that the method would be unsuccessful.

"I can't dig fast enough and I'm freaking out. [...] I just cannot dig fast enough," Haylee recalls.

Since it took a while for emergency operators to arrive, 14-year-old Haylee Smith, and her 16-year-old sister, Hannah decided to lift the tractor.

"We just kind of braced ourselves on the tire and just lifted it up," Hannah adds.

She still cannot understand how she and her sister have been able to pick up the machinery. She describes getting an adrenalin rush that helped her get through the ordeal.

"I don't know how I lifted it, it was just so heavy. And I could feel it, I could just feel all the weight. But we just did it. We both did,” she says.

It took the sibling six or seven attempts until they were finally able to move the vehicle off their father. He managed to slide out from underneath it, but his arm was still stuck.

A neighbor was called in and brought a second tractor, setting him free. Smith escaped the incident with just a scare and some bruising on his left arm.

"I don't see how I did it, I think she did all the work," Hannah notes, pointing at her younger sister.

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