“Girls Gone Green” Series Could Soon Hit TV Screens

The show will focus on environmental sciences, green living

Dave Robau, presently employed as CEO of National Energy, is now trying to raise sufficient funds to start shooting a new reality TV series suggestively named “Girls Gone Green.”

Apparently, his goal is to convince young women from across the US that embracing a career in science, technology and the like is well within their reach, and that once they finish their studies, they can help fight back the effects of climate change and global warming.

In order to start producing this green-oriented show, Dave Robau needs about $31,500 (€24,775).

At this moment, only $250 (€196.6) were donated by willing greenheads, yet the fundraising campaign will only come to an end in 16 days, so there is plenty of time for this environmentalist to reach his goal.

Sources say that the first season of “Girls Gone Green” will comprise 10 episodes, each stretching over 30 minutes tops.

Whereas some of the episodes will discuss tips for leading a greener lifestyle (eco-friendly home makeovers and green-oriented development projects), others will introduce the general public to important breakthroughs made in the field of environmental sciences.

Bottom line: each episode will feature a woman whose career revolves around lending a helping hand to the environment and promoting sustainability.

“We started this as a way to highlight that women are in this industry and those female professionals could be role models for young girls interested in this career field,” David Robau commented with respect to this project.

Furthermore, “The other objective is to go into schools and talk specifically to young girls who are interested in science, technology, engineering, mathematics and all of these related career fields.”

It is Dave Robau's hope that his “Girls Gone Green” series will be aired on Science Channel, Nat Geo TV, Nova or PBS.

Those wishing to make a donation to the “Girls Gone Green” project can do so here.

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