Girl's Family Wins the Lottery Every Time She Gives Birth

Norwegian Hege Jeanette Oksnes's family have won million dollar pots 3 times

Norwegian Hege Jeanette Oksnes is her family's lucky charm, bringing them millions of dollars in lottery winnings every time she gives birth to a child.

29-year-old Oksnes lives on the small island of Austevoll, off Norway's west coast. She works as a gas station attendant, even though her family has won millions playing the lottery.

The first time Jeanette had a child, in 2006, her father Leif won €566,000 ($730,000) from the National Lottery just a day before. They thought that luck had struck them, and that it would never strike them again.

However, just to keep tradition alive, she bought a lottery ticket for herself 3 years later. She was pregnant with her second child, and, some say by miracle, the day before carrying her pregnancy to term she won the lottery. Jeanette Oksnes received a prize of over €1 million ($1,4 million) that time, the Huffington Post reports.

This weekend, a few months after Jeanette gave birth to her third child, her 18-year-old brother Tord won the big prize at the Norwegian National Lottery, once again.

The family has won millions so far, and Jeanette Oksnes has three more brothers that haven't gotten lucky yet. They have used their earnings to buy cars and travel the world.

The Oksnes family doesn't plan to have more children, even though, in the past, they gathered a small fortune every time Jeanette gave birth.

"My husband thinks we have enough money now," Jeanette said.

She claims that she and her family are not obsessed with buying lottery tickets daily, and just bought a few in the last six years.

"This is completely insane... we don't even play the lottery that often," she explained.

The young mother of three is planning to use her earnings to build a house, and is currently searching for the right property.

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