Girl Is Spat On, Made to Kiss Classmate's Feet in Bullying Incident

The girl is slapped and forced to kneel, and beg for forgiveness

In this disturbing video, a girl is made to apologize to a classmate by kneeling in front of her and kissing her shoes. The girls got into an argument over the assailant's boyfriend.

The victim had talked to the boy about school matters, which apparently made his girlfriend believe she was interested in him. She forbids her victim from ever talking to her boyfriend again, and brutally attacks her, by slapping and humiliating the girl.

While this is going on, another classmate films the incident, and even warns the attacker that she is low on battery before the fight starts, giving away the fact that they had come to visit the girl with the specific intention of beating her up.

The incident happened in Romania last Thursday, and the assailant has been identified as Angelica Steluta Dima, a 17-year-old high-school student from the town of Braila, Stirile Pro TV reports.

The girl has been suspended from school and risks expulsion, but, as it goes with bullies, no criminal charges have been made against the girl.

As the recent bullying-related suicide of Amanda Todd has showed, any instance of bullying should be taken into consideration, before matters escalate.

This is just one more case that proves that bullying knows no geographic boundaries, and that teens pride themselves in engaging in it, and even put up videos online as a reminder for victims to stay alert.

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