Girl Who Threw Shoe and Hit Harry Styles in the Groin Apologizes on Twitter

Jade Anderson is sorry, now famous after incident goes viral

A very odd incident was captured on camera during a Glasgow show of One Direction, when a fan in the audience threw her sneakers on stage and one of them hit Harry Styles smack in the groin. She, the fan, is now famous.

She’s also very apologetic about the whole thing, using her Twitter to let Harry know that it was never her intention to hit him so hard – and in such a delicate area no less.

“I’m the one who threw the shoe at you, I never meant to hurt you :-(,” she says. “And the police were telling me that i ‘commited a criminal assult’ and i couldve killed him hahaha.”

She says she “just wanted to touch him” though how that would have been possible if she hadn’t gotten her shoes back is a mystery to me.

Speaking of which, she got her shoes back. She was also kicked out of the venue by security, but two of the guys from One Direction, Harry included, insisted that she be let back in.

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