Gigabyte Launches Three Workstation and Server Motherboards

They all have BIOS fine-tuning and advanced calibration tools

Gigabyte may be one of the greatest suppliers of motherboards for the PC market, but it ships mainboards to customers from other fields as well, in this case companies and, by extension, their server and workstation administrators.

The company has launched three new mainboards, called GA-7PESH3, GA-6PXSV4 and GA-7PESH4.

The first two are made for workstations and the third for mission critical servers, where memory intensive, highly parallel or high-storage applications are run.

GA-7PESH3, nicknamed the Super Workstation Board, has two CPU sockets, which means that the top core number is 16 when a pair of Intel Xeon E5-2600 processors are used.

The platform also has four double clot GPU/co-processors and can handle up to 13 storage drives at any given time.

CAD/CAE, simulation and modeling should run well on a system based on this motherboard, especially when the 4-way SLI/CrossFireX multi-GPU support and SAS 6 Gbps connections get involved.

As for the random access memory capacity, it can be of up to 128 GB (DDR3 RDIMM ECC memory running at 1600 MHz).

The second motherboard for workstations, the GA-6PXSV4, is the only single-socket platform of the trio and is suited to tower workstations that perform operations in virtualized environments.

Four LAN connections are included, along with three PCI Express x16 3.0 slots (3-way NVIDIA SLI / AMD CrossFireX) and, again, 128GB of DDR3 RDIMM ECC memory running at 1600 MHz.

Finally, the GA-7PESH4, the “Rock-Solid Backbone for Critical Server Applications,” has quad Gigabit LAN as well, but extra benefits like iSCSI, management related traffic, virtualization optimizations and, most importantly, support for 256GB of DDR3 RDIMM ECC memory running at 1600 MHz (divided between the two CPU sockets).

It should have no problem operating in business-grade servers and data centers.


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