Gigabyte Also Has a Couple of Cases Ready, GZ-F2 and GZ-F5

The GZ-F2 and GZ-F5 series entry-level ATX will sell for very little

By on December 3rd, 2012 13:27 GMT

The new SilverStone Redline PC case may be a fairly unremarkable PC case, but it is regal compared to the GZ-F2 and GZ-F5 series entry-level ATX mid-tower cases from Gigabyte.

These two are clearly only meant to hold the hardware together and nothing else.

They are large enough for most common motherboards and video boards, and they even have three 5.25-inch bays each, plus five internal 3.5-inch bays and an external one.

Still, they lack aesthetic embellishment and have only one 80mm rear fan (each), plus Intel CAG 1.1-compliant side-panel fan vents.

The GZ-F2 has a smoother front than the single-ridge GZ-F5, and can be colored black or black+silver too.

Both newcomers will sell for under $30 / 23 Euro whenever they show up in stores.

Gigabyte GZ-F2 and GZ-F5 (4 Images)

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