Gigabyte 2.5-Inch Portable HDD Boasts USB 3.0

There may already be a whole slew of portable storage devices running around the IT industry, but Gigabyte figured it wouldn't hurt to deliver another one, especially considering the choice of interface.

When it comes to moving files from a PC to another, one might say that the world is way past the point where DVDs are the first thing that comes to users' minds.

Instead, consumer or business users go for a flash drive or other portable, high-capacity products, be it a solid state drive or hard disk drive.

The past couple of years saw the maximum capacity of such units grow, and while this did pose the problem of how long it would take to actually copy large files to and from it, the dilemma was solved by the USB 3.0 standard.

Since the SuperSpeed USB 3.0 connection has a theoretical maximum throughput of 5 Gbps, even files of multiple gigabytes can be moved or copied in short order.

That said, Gigabyte created a new line of portable hard disk drives, with capacities of 320 GB, 500 GB, 640 GB and 750 GB, respectively.

An activity LED shows whether or not the models are in use, while an internal mechanism that absorbs shock and vibrations gives physical endurance.

Along with the storage, these lead to the size of 113 x 76 x 14 mm and a weight of 136 grams for the heat-resistant, fingerprint-proof casing.

For those that want a reminder, the USB 3.0 interface can work at up to 5 Gbps, although there aren't storage units, yet, that can exploit this theoretical maximum.

Either way, the A2 have not been given prices, so it will take online stores, or another official announcement, to unravel this final bit of mystery surrounding the products.

All four storage capacities should be placed up for order, whenever that happens, in Charcoal Gray and Pearl White color options.

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