Giant Wave Kills Wisconsin Tourist in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

The 65-year-old American woman had a Wisconsin driver's license

A 65-year-old American tourist has died in Mexico while on vacation, reports say. The woman was walking along the beach in Cabo San Lucas when she was hit by a large wave and taken off to sea.

The Examiner informs that the female tourist's name has not been released to the press. She was accompanied by a 70-year-old man on the stroll.

While she has presumably drowned, her companion has survived and is now in critical condition. The cause of death has not been made public as of yet.

The Navy dispatched emergency personnel to recover the tourists, but were too late to save the woman's life. The victim was pronounced dead soon after being brought to shore.

According to her driver's license, the female traveler was a resident of Wisconsin. The male visitor's license was registered to the state of Nebraska. Authorities are waiting to alert the victim's relatives until releasing further information about her identity.

While vacations to Mexico, particularly Cabo San Lucas are usually safe, this incident marks the 51st death of an American citizen in Mexico in the last two years alone.

Mexico has been in the news recently, as a drug cannon was discovered in the bordering town of Mexicali, just one week ago.

As we chronicled at the time, the pneumatic-powered device was homemade, and it was uncovered in an abandoned pick-up truck registered in California.

The Latin American Herald Tribune wrote that the cannon was being used to smuggle marijuana, which was placed in cans and thrown over the border.

The cannon was able to catapult two-kg (4.4-pound) loads over a distance of 400 meters (1,310 feet). Mexicali police chief, Marco Antonio Carrillo mentioned that no arrests had been made, and the identities of those setting up and using the cannon were not known.

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