Giant Paper Supplier Puts Tiger Habitat at Risk

One of APP's wood suppliers is affecting the balance of the Senepis Tiger Sanctuary

Environmental coalition Eyes on the Forest has recently issued a new report indicating that one of the most important companies producing paper products, Asia Pulp & Paper (APP), is threatening the habitat of already extremely vulnerable creatures, like orangutans, tigers and elephants.

The new information highlights that at least one of the company’s wood suppliers is affecting the balance of the Senepis Tiger Sanctuary, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, WWF informs.

The report entitled “The truth behind APP’s Greenwash” reveals that APP has managed to destroy more than two million hectares of tropical forest in Indonesia since it first started operating in this line of business, in 1984.

Its actions go against its announced objective to green up its conduct and fight environmental degradation.

APP promised to stop exploiting native timber forests and rely their entire production on sustainable sources, but failed to display noticeable results expected in 2004, 2007 and 2009.

At this point in time, the company has set a new timber sourcing deadline for 2015, but Eyes on the Forest thinks it is unlikely to successfully implement significant changes.

Satellite data and field investigations developed June and October 2011by the eco-friendly organization clearly indicates that APP's activity has a negative impact on the Senepis Tiger Sanctuary. Moreover, WWF officials state that the claims of the giant paper enterprise that it supports and preserves the Sumatran tiger population are “highly exaggerated.”

Developed investigations suggest that the current situation of the tiger sanctuary are quite different than the picture APP is trying to present to the public opinion.

“It’s appalling that APP is pulping even the small blocks of forest it had told the world it would protect as tiger habitat.This report shows a different picture to this and other, much-touted APP 'conservation projects' ,” stated Hariansyah Usman from WALHI Riau.

Apparently, after trying to go against a Senepis National Park proposed by the government, APP focused all its efforts on convincing the public that it assumed an active role in creating “Senepis Tiger Sanctuary” in 2006.

The report highlights the company behind widely-used office paper, paper packaging and other similar items is currently taking advantage of the vague information its clients have regarding Indonesia’s environmental challenges to manipulate them.

Asia Pulp & Paper, also known in the paper industry as APP, is based in Singapore and it is considered one of the largest pulp and paper companies worldwide.

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