Giant Headless Mystery Fish Found Off Hawaii’s Kona Coast

The long and slender fish was also missing a tail

Fishermen in Kona, Hawaii stumbled upon this long fish, only the mystery creature was found with no head and no tail.

The ribbon-like fish is about 7-foot (2.13-m) long. It was encountered by Capt. Dale Leverone traveling on the Sea Strike, Pete Thomas writes in his Outdoors blog.

"I thought it was a car bumper, but then I remembered they don't float," first mate Jack Leverone told friend and photographer Jon Schwartz, who snapped this shot.

The fish was floating on the surface of the water. The crew originally believed it was an oarfish, but dismissed the theory when they couldn't detect any dorsal fin on it.

"The most prominent part of an oarfish's dorsal fin are the first few spines near the head. [...] It is possible that these things were lost along with the head.

"The rest of the dorsal fin runs the length of the body but usually lays flat in a recessed channel along the fish's back unless it is alarmed," said Perry Hampton, animal husbandry vice president at the Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific.

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