Giant Eel Caught in Jersey, Dubbed Sea Monster, Turns Out to Be a Hoax

The photo was taken from a certain angle

There's this photo of a supposedly giant eel that's been making the rounds these last few days, racking up some 1.2 million views on Reddit.    

The bizarre-looking creature, apparently caught using a plain old bow and arrow, appears in the photo covered in blood. Still, it's not the blood but its large lips and several rows of jagged teeth that steal the show.

Oh, and its seemingly enormous silhouette. Plainly put, the creature looks like something straight out of a horror movie, and quite possibly the most terrifying horror movie that ever was.

According to DM, this allegedly giant eel was caught by a Doug Cutler of New Jersey, US. The thing is that, judging by another photo Doug Cutler shared on his Facebook profile, the monster wasn't all that scary after all.

Rather, it was just a regular eel that only appeared gigantic in the original shot because of the angle from which the photo was taken. So, yes, whoever took this picture wanted to trick people into thinking Doug Cutler had caught a mammoth eel.

In reality, the creature was about the size of a French baguette, maybe even smaller, and not at all a rightful contender to the title The Biggest, Scariest Monster in History. How's that for mind tricks?

Interestingly, some researchers say the creature wasn't even an eel, but a lamprey, i.e. a species of parasite that populates waters in Atlantic.

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