Ghost Caught on Camera on the Queen Mary Cruise Ship

The Lady in White has allegedly been haunting the ship for half a century

“Ghost buster” Valentina Lomborg, a former model, recently captured this image, of what she believes is a ghost hunting the Queen Mary Luxury cruise liner.

Lomborg claims she has caught the elusive “Lady in White” on camera – a ghost that is said to have been roaming around on the cruise ship for half a century. The Lady in White reportedly dances on the hallways and hangs around in what used to be the first class lounge.

The Queen Mary is retired in Long Beach, California, where it has been turned into a hotel. The former cruise ship is a popular location for paranormal aficionados, with at least 3 other ghosts reported on its deck, The Sun informs.

One is that of an 18-year-old engineer that died on its deck, not because he was saving someone's life, but in the middle of a fire drill. Other apparitions include, but are not limited to, one young girl that drowned on the boat's swimming pool and another that was killed in one of the changing rooms.


Ghost on the Queen Mary caught on camera (4 Images)

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