Getting Bored at Work Is Actually Beneficial, Study Finds

Those who have a boring job are more creative than others, researchers claim

A study carried out by researchers working with the University of Central Lancashire in the United Kingdom states that, at least as far as creativity goes, it is much better to have a boring job rather than a highly active – and therefore stressful – one.

The specialists who have investigated this issue explain that their findings should not be all that surprising.

Thus, they maintain that performing a rather dull task repeatedly allows a person to detach from their surroundings and daydream for as long as they want.

Since creativity and daydreaming are very much intertwined, it comes as only logical that boring jobs ultimately help people become more creative by not forcing their minds to focus on things that some might label as “simply too mundane.”

Sources report that attending meetings and reading memos are amongst the most passive jobs in the working field, and therefore the most likely to encourage creativity.

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