Wasteland 2 Has Seven Core Attributes, Variety of Skills

inXile also gives players a first look at a new enemy design from Las Vegas

The developers working on Wasteland 2 at inXile are ready to talk about the attribute system and the skills that will underpin the role-playing mechanics of the new game, with special attention to how the various player choices will interact with the game world.

The attributes that players will need to set during character creation are:








Chris Keenan, a designer and producer working on Wasteland 2, says, “These are established when you create your character and can be different for each member of your party. Attributes are all passive, meaning that they won't be actively used in the world to solve issues.”

Available skills for characters will include: Outdoorsman, Evasion, Field Medic, Safe Crack, Cyborg Tech, Brute Force, Spot Lie and More, as seen on the official Kickstarter page for the project.

Keenan adds, “Each starting skill has a formula that is derived from up to 3 attributes based on what would be necessary to be proficient in that skill. So initially, where you place your attribute points will determine the starting value of that skill. A character’s skills can be increased by leveling up, using that skill, and through specific items equipped on the character.”

The developer exemplified by talking about the formula for Pick Lock, which at the moment is [10 + (1*Perception) + (2*Expertise)], but could change before Wasteland 2 is content complete.

The development team at inXile wants to create a game where no choice is inherently superior and players will have to mix and match skills in order to create a Ranger party that can deal with any challenge.

The development team also says that it has completed a table read with writers in order to check the various core narrative elements for Wasteland 2 and is satisfied with the overall quality of the game world and is ready to move on with its implementation.

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