Get a Free Wii on eBay ... if You're Lucky

Buy envelopes and get a console

"This is either a major deal or a connery" you might be thinking right now. Who would do such a thing when it's almost Christmas time? It's probably one of those eBayers who likes to take advantage of the Wii shortage and promises all of us a free Wii... with a catch.

He offers 20 envelopes for auction on eBay, but only one of them contains a piece of paper with the word "Wii" written on it. In case you're lucky and you bid for the envelope with the above-mentioned piece of paper inside, the eBayer claims that he'll send you a Wii, for free. Of course, we dig free things , but what about that auction? Your "free" product will still cost a decent buck, as you'll have to pay for the envelope, thus sending the man money in order to get a shot at the console.

Too bad that the deal is only available in the US, as we would have certainly bought at least 10 of the envelopes ... NOT. I'm really curios to see how those bidders look like and how desperate they are regarding the whole Wii-buying thing. Console speculations have always been a trend specially at Christmas, when everyone's rushing to get their kid a brand new gaming device. Wouldn't you rather spend your well-earned money on a REAL console, than taking part in this possible fraud?

All can be said about this original eBayer, but I have to admit that his money-making method is pretty good, since many gamers out there are running out of time and patience, so they'll do anything to get a Wii. Too bad that the man didn't sell the console in the UK, the country where the Nintendo gaming device shortage reigns and people are selling 1 million quid-worth Wii-s.

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