Get a Free Upgrade to iPhone 3G S with NextWorth Trade-In Program

NextWorth makes upgrading to iPhone 3G S easy

NextWorth, a company that specializes in trade-ins and recycling, has announced a new trade-in program for customers wishing to cover their costs for upgrading to the new iPhone 3G S. The company claims that owners of an iPhone 3G can cover the entire costs of upgrading to the new device, and even have some money left over.

According to an official NextWorth report issued today, customers can receive as much as $255.50 for a 16GB iPhone 3G when trading in their phone. “With current 3G S prices starting at $1992 for the 16GB 3G S, trade-in amounts will fully or nearly cover the cost of an upgrade,” the company stresses. “iPhones purchased by NextWorth in any condition will be refurbished and resold by NextWorth, keeping the old devices out of the waste stream, thereby promoting recycling and reuse,” NextWorth adds.

As mentioned above, the company claims that some customers will actually have money left over after the new purchase, in addition to receiving enough trade-in cash to purchase a new iPhone.

“Building upon the success of last year’s iPhone upgrade program – which allowed customers to essentially upgrade from the first generation iPhone to the iPhone 3G for free, we are currently able to offer even higher dollar exchanges for existing iPhone users looking to upgrade to a phone two times faster and more responsive than the current model—the iPhone 3G S,” Dave Chen, CEO of NextWorth, said. “Continued strong market demand for the existing devices and the AT&T subsidies associated with purchasing a new iPhone 3G S are allowing us to put more dollars than ever back in the hands of consumers and make the upgrade process easier and more compelling than ever.”

To apply for the new program, NextWorth customers must visit the company's website, enter their device model, its current condition and any original accessories that may be included in the trade, and a value will be instantly displayed. A customer can expect to receive a check, a PayPal deposit, or gift cards between seven to 14 days, NextWorth claims.

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