Get a Free Copy of CrossOver Games on Halloween

CrossOver can be used to run Windows games on Linux

CodeWeavers is promoting CrossOver, a software that enables Linux users to run Windows applications, by making it free on Halloween.

CrossOver for Linux is based on Wine and it's a shareware product, which is not all that usual for the Linux platform.

The developers are celebrating the successful completion of “Flock the Vote” challenge, a voter turnout initiative in which CodeWeavers promised free software for 24 hours if 100,000 people pledged to vote in the 2012 Presidential election at

“CodeWeavers' CEO Jeremy White announced to his staff that he would be giving away CrossOver for FREE, for 24 hours, to anyone on the planet. He then locked the server room and fled into the woods. None of us can find the keys, which means that the Software Giveaway is on, whether we like it or not,” states the website.

The rules are simple. On Wednesday, Oct. 31, 2012, beginning at 00:00 Central Time (-5 GMT), anyone visiting CodeWeavers’ Flock the Vote promotional website will be able to download a free, fully functional copy of either CrossOver Mac or CrossOver Linux.

Each copy comes complete with 12 months of support and product upgrades. The offer will continue for 24 hours, from 00:00 to 23:59, Oct. 31, 2012.

“Apparently still harboring ill-will from our 2008 give-away, our IT man, Jeremy Newman, had been diverting pledges into an old Hotmail account,” said CEO Jeremy White.

“This promotion was a big deal to me,” continued White, ”such a big deal, in fact, that I’ve recently taken to wearing a duck costume as my normal working attire. When I discovered Newman’s agenda, I was forced to trigger the giveaway immediately and to suspend his Diablo 3 privileges through the fourth quarter. Take that, Newman!,” White continued.

Download CrossOver Games 10.3.0 right now from Softpedia. This is the shareware version. You will have to buy the software, if you like it, or get it on October 31.

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