Get Your Life Tracked with Larklife Wristband (Video)

This fitness gadget knows when you drink, eat and sleep

Bracelets and watches are what usually decorate our wrists, but fitness trackers have been getting attention this year, and Lark has revealed the latest one: Larklife.

Though it isn't waterproof per se, it is splash-resistant and, by extension, sweat-resistant too (it wouldn't make much sense for it not to be).

So what does it do exactly? Basically, it records sleep patterns, food intake, how many steps you take during the day (via the pedometer, as weird as it sounds), how long it takes you to fall asleep, and more.

There is even an alarm function, which will wake you up on time.

Keep in mind that the food intake isn't automatically counted, but the mobile app used with the band (only for iOS devices, alas) has a food diary where the info can be added manually.

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