Get Your Own Private Ubuntu Cloud In 5 Days

With an on-site Canonical engineer to get it done!

Canonical is promoting these days their new product, Ubuntu Cloud Jumpstart, a service that promises to deploy a private cloud infrastructure on the client's hardware.

How it works? Simple! During five days, a Canonical services engineer and a Canonical engagement manager will build your private cloud on your own servers.

"Canonical offer long-term assurance and support for this infrastructure. A complimentary 30-day subscription to Ubuntu Advantage is included with Jumpstart to provide support after deployment."

"Ubuntu Advantage can be extended to cover any pieces of your Ubuntu deployment." - says Canonical.

Highlights of Ubuntu Cloud Jumpstart:

· Collaborate with your system admins to deploy and design the Ubuntu Cloud Infrastructure for your servers;

· Share Ubuntu Cloud Guest usage information;

· Deliver the necessary core build for Ubuntu Server;

· Plan and implement group and user requirements;

· Deployment and integration of baseline security policies;

· Integrate your physical storage with your cloud infrastructure;

· Ubuntu Cloud Infrastructure storage services and compute deployment;

· Configuration of automated deployment utilities;

· Establish a strategy to manage cloud capacity;

· Easy configuration of patch and update management using Landscape, the Ubuntu systems management utility;

· Landscape training;

· Juju training of your system admins;

· Juju integration in your private cloud environment.

"The reference architecture for OpenStack is based on Ubuntu. Jumpstart gives you a private cloud compatible with precisely that reference architecture, on the hardware of your choice."

"The resulting cloud will be adapted to your preference for storage, network and compute - and will remain compatible with our reference cloud for all workloads." - says Canonical on the product's page.

If you have $9,000 (7,000 EUR) and you want your very own private cloud infrastructure, Canonical guarantees to build one on no more than five days.

Ubuntu Cloud Jumpstart service is compatible with the Amazon, HP and Rackspace public clouds. For more information about Ubuntu Cloud Jumpstart you can check out the official website.

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