Get the Ice Off Your Windshield Without a Scraper

With the help of the Car Window Heater

One of the few things most people really hate about winter is the moment when they go out to the car in the morning and find it to be all frozen up, which means that they'll have to spend about twenty minutes in below zero temperatures scraping the ice off the windshield with a flimsy piece of plastic (the scraper). However, those days might finally be over thanks to a nifty little device called the Car Window Heater, presented by ProIdee.

Practically, what we're dealing with here is an electric heater, which, however, has undergone certain modifications, so as to comply with the specific purpose it will be used for. And the most important of these modifications is the timer, which allows you to set the automatic timer to the desired operating time – approx. 30 minutes before you want to set off. When you get in your car, your windscreen will be free of ice and snow.

However, you don't have to worry that the electrical heater will function non-stop, thus turning the inside of your car into a real sauna. And that's because the heater will automatically switch off after around 30 minutes, but the set time will remain saved. All you'll have to do is simply activate it by pressing the button the next time you need it.

Another thing worth mentioning about this gadget is that it runs on a rechargeable NiCD battery, so it won't drain the one of your car. A full battery charge will provide heating for around 2.5 hours (that's a whole week of going to work), and in order to recharge the Car Window Heater, you can use either a 12 V cigarette lighter adapter (for 7 to 8 hours) or a mains adapter (for 2-3 hours).

The device from Pro-Idee is not even that expensive, selling for around 90 US dollars, which, in the long run, is a pretty reasonable price point. Just think of the comfort during winter mornings....

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