Get Ready for Email Addresses

Dropping this week email addresses are closer than you might think. With the Windows Live platform in the background migrating into its next stage of evolution, Microsoft has also been hammering away at its email service. The Windows Live Mail and MSN Hotmail branding hybrid that ended up as Windows Live Hotmail is still not providing users with access to addresses. But this aspect is reportedly planned for modification in the immediate future.

According to LiveSino, Microsoft is wrapping up the finishing touches on the service and will make available registration for email addresses sometime this week, possibility even as early as today or tomorrow. The Redmond company has not officially confirmed this matter. In fact, Microsoft refused to comment altogether as LiveSide reported.

In this context, details about the changes coming to Windows Live Hotmail are scarce to say the least. Still, LiveSino is citing a source from MSN China. Microsoft apparently plans not only to go live with registration but to also offer worldwide synchronization of the service delivering a variety of @live email addresses in accordance with various markets.

Widows Live Hotmail has been taken out of beta stage in May this year. At that point, Microsoft started to gradually roll out the service worldwide. At that time, the Redmond company promised to make available email addresses in the future, but failed to offer a timetable.

"And since I know you're all wondering, email addresses are not available YET... but they're coming soon. No, we can't promise to reserve for you, but in the coming months, look for ways to get a new address of your very own", had promised a member of the Hotmail Team back in May.

In early August, Microsoft introduced an update to Windows Live Mail increasing the performance of the service, fine tuning reliability and quality, altering mail retention, and even increasing storage to 5 GB for free users and 10 GB for Hotmail Plus users.

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