Get Paid for Charging Phones with Solar Power

Solar-powered system can charge an iPhone twice daily, while offering financial benefits

New Changers System brings solar power one step closer. Innovative technology can now be a part of our lives, since the portable solar charging system encourages us to recharge our phones while getting paid for our eco-friendly attitude.

Energy savings correlated with financial benefits always counts as a good deal. Therefore, the efficient Changers Starter Kit, priced at $149 (€111.8), is worth every single cent.

It comes with a solar battery and a solar panel meant to power our electronic gadgets with up to 4 watts of electricity every hours, Earth911 reports.

This amount is enough to recharge an Iphone two times on a daily basis. All you have to do is apply the solar panel to a window or any other sunny area, plug in your mobile or tablet and go back to your daily chores, since the innovative system does not require your presence.

Rumor has it the Chargers System is as efficient as your traditional charger, just that it has a zero ecological footprint, since it depends entirely on free power coming from the sun.

The company thinks there is no reason to rely on expensive, traditional energy when we have unlimited access to cost-effective alternative options.

“Each of us takes it for granted that we have limitless energy on tap, and as a result we have become completely disconnected from how our actual energy usage impacts the planet,” declared Markus Schulz, co-founder and CEO of Changers.

There is more good news. For those who are eager to experience the benefits of the portable system, the company is offering Changers Credits every client can use online, at Changers Marketplace. The battery communicates with the company's website,, so you can track the amount of energy you preserve every day.

Moreover, this option will encourage you to compete with friends, neighbors and family members. All you have to do is create an account, log in and you will be able to compare numbers and statistics and see how much your eco-conscious conduct has improved since you started using the ingenious system.

The company also encourages you to brag about your progress, letting everybody know your care about the environment on Twitter and Facebook, while also stimulating your virtual friends to follow the same path.

It's a good green deal, since the carbon savings will be transformed into real financial savings, through Changers Credits. The system has become available in November and officials behind this project say they managed to stop 4.4 pounds of carbon dioxide from reaching the atmosphere so far.

It's a small step, but this Changers System definitely deserves its name, since it has all the right reasons to become popular in no time and change the conduct of millions of people, helping them rely on renewable power every time they need to recharge their gadgets.

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