Get PS3 for Free - No Catch!

The site giving them away has a flaw. Exploiting it will get you the machine

The Guide in question here, used to be sold for $99.99, but now, at the good hand of it is free and it shows you how to get your own PS3 without having to spend a cent on the guide or the console. But there are some details that I find pretty hard to believe. First of all, they say that most PS3 giving websites require you to participate in two or more so called "sponsor offers" before you can receive your free PS3, which usually sets you back around $200. OK, this may very well be true and even if it isn't, it doesn't matter because it's not important right now. However, this is.

They say you can get the PS3 for free without having to participate in any of these sponsor offers. OK, by now, everyone's interested in this more than getting married with the girl/boy of their dreams, I'm sure. Doing some digging they reviewed over fifty free PlayStation3 web sites. What do you think they found out? That even if the sites ask you to participate in their sponsor offers, simply ignoring their requests and proceeding to the end of their sponsor offer pages, you will still get your free PS3.

More than that, most visitors to these free PS3, free Wii, free Xbox 360 or free PSP websites, that decide not to participate in the sponsor offers, never proceed past the sponsor offer pages to the final page where they are asked to confirm their email address one last time and told that their game console will be mailed to them shortly. That's also true, I'm sure. Now, check out the steps required to participate:

Step 1: "Enter a working email address at the Free PlayStation 3 website as seen below (It says that supplies are limited and that you should sign up fast). They will email you later for your mailing address."

Step 2: "You will then be asked to complete 2 offers. You DO NOT need to complete any offers at all! Just scroll to the bottom of the page and click the "Next Page" link as seen below." (they show the picture)

Step 3: "Repeat Step 2 and they'll think you signed up for some offers and they'll STILL send you the Sony PlayStation 3 for FREE!"

Waaait a minute! That's it. They just send you the free PS3. You mean to tell me that if I try this right now, I'll be getting my $600 gaming machine from Sony for free, with no other terms or conditions? What about the address? But someone's tried it already. Not kidding really, look at this: "Thanks for showing me how to get a free PlayStation3 and free Wii without having to spend a penny!" said recent website visitor, Ashley Parks of Chicago, Illinois.

But do you want to know what the last lines were? "Please DO NOT inform this website of it's mistake! [...] If the above company finds out I've exposed their website's mistake and corrects the problem, then use this free PlayStation 3 website (bolded). I just checked it this morning and it still works." And noting can go wrong? You know they'll eventually find out right? (if this isn't a hoax of course). And when they do, won't they know who got their PS3 fair and square and who didn't? I don't know about this one. It sounds too good to be true. I'll take a look myself though, hi hi!

Oh, now I see: "I certify that I am a U.S. Resident over the age of 18, and I agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions." Oh well, good luck then!

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