Get Multiple Phone Numbers on One Device

TalkPlus makes it possible

TalkPlus brings a solution for managing multiple phone numbers on a single handset, without having more than one SIM card slot. This feature will be available from now on for Palm Treo and BlackBerry smartphone users, along with some other interesting features.

TalkPlus will bring multiple phone numbers for a single device, advanced call-management features and low-cost international calling, among its most appealing services. All these are meant to bring better productivity, privacy and control over the mobile experience.

The service will make it possible to Add a second phone number on the BlackBerry or Treo and bring mobile, home and office phone numbers together. The great advantage that the feature comes with is that of keeping work and social calls separate. Moreover, there will be no need to re-enter existing contacts, as the application has access to all of the existing contacts in the smartphone address book.

The handset owner can conduct conference calls with as many as 10 people. He will also be able to place international calls to any country from any phone, at discounted rates. Furthermore, he will also be able to view and handle voicemail, just as he would do with regular telecom services.

"Everyone from small-business owners to globe-trotting executives to international travelers can take advantage of TalkPlus to better manage their mobile communications", said TalkPlus founder Jeff Black. "TalkPlus is especially useful for busy people who need to manage all their business and personal calls from one device. And now that device can be a Treo or BlackBerry", he further added.

The TalkPlus Palm application is supported on the following Palm OS Treo smartphones: Treo 650, Treo 680, Treo 700p and Treo 755p. The TalkPlus BlackBerry application is supported on BlackBerry models 8100, 8300, 8310, 8830, 8800 and 8820. From now through December 31st, the service will be free for the first month and available for the price of USD10 per month thereafter.

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