Get Google Chrome with Cut the Rope and 16 Other Built-In Games

Google is keen to showcase the playful side of the web and Chrome

Google Chrome is a great browser. Like all browsers, great or otherwise, it's got a place where you can add more functionality, i.e. extensions, but that's also a place where you can discover interesting new web apps, something that no other browser offers.

But users still aren't used to regarding the Chrome Web Store as an app store. And certainly aren't used to regarding Chrome as a platform, even though it is, if only because the web is a platform.

One thing that may change their mind: there have always been games in the web, but somehow, people still expect to find them on their mobile phone rather than online.

At the same time, nobody is surprised to find games on Facebook. Even though those games are web apps in essence, people see them as distinct.

It's a question of perspective and expectations mostly, but it does show that the web and Chrome in particular will have a hard time convincing people to see them the same as a mobile app store or even the Facebook platform.

One thing that Chrome has going for is hundreds of millions of users.

With the Web Store built into Chrome and visible to all users at least several times a day, via the new tab page, there is a lot of potential.

Therefore, developers, reluctantly or not, are slowly warming up to the Web Store. A simple way of proving that is with the number of games now available in the Web Store.

The hugely popular mobile game, Cut the Rope, has just landed in the Web Store. But there are plenty of other games in there. In fact, Google put together a version of Chrome that comes preinstalled with 17 of the top games in the store. There's nothing special about this Chrome, apart from the fact that 17 web games are installed as soon as you launch it for the first time.


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