Germany's Green Party Wants the Country to Have a Vegetarian Day per Week

Chairwoman Renate Kunast believes a weekly vegetarian day should be mandatory

This past Monday, the current Chairwoman of the German Green Party, Renate Kunast, announced that, should this political group win the upcoming elections, the country's residents would be asked not to eat meat or dairy all throughout a chosen day of the week.

This day would be dubbed Veggie Day, Tree Hugger reports. Apparently, the Green Party plans to make it mandatory for cafeterias across Germany to mainly sell vegan dishes whenever Veggie Day comes along.

Members of the Green Party expect that this measure would do more than just benefit public health. Thus, it would promote both sustainability and animal welfare.

“A Veggie Day is a wonderful opportunity to try to nourish ourselves without meat and sausages. Cooking vegetarian is about more than just leaving out meat,” Renate Kunast reportedly told German newspaper Bild Zeitung.

Though the idea seems noteworthy to say the least, something tells me people will not take lightly to having a party telling them what they can and cannot eat.

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