German Pasta Are Sold in Plant-Based Packaging

The company making and marketing the pasta says it strives to be eco-friendly

It seems to be that companies in the food industry really are trying to green up their ways. Just yesterday, I introduced you to some very nice-looking wooden lids used to cap honey jars. Today, I get to congratulate German company Birkel for using a plant-based material to package its pasta.

According to Trend Hunter, the company has been on the market for nearly 130 years. What's more, it is the No. 1 noodle manufacturer in Germany.

Birkel might have not altered its taste standards in any way over the years, but it has however moved to curb pollution by selling pasta in packaging made not from plastic, but from an organic plant-based material.

Apparently, the eco-friendly packaging looks and feels much like the regular plastic one, so pasta aficionados probably can't tell the difference. Mother Nature, on the other hand, sure can.

As reported on several occasions, plastic used by the packaging industry sooner or later works its way into ecosystems and can seriously affect their wellbeing. Hence, it comes as good news that efforts are being made to replace this material with greener ones.

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