German Electric Power Provider 50Hertz Hit by DDOS Attack

The attack lasted for five days and temporarily disrupted the company's communications

Two weeks ago, the systems of 50Hertz, a company that provides electric power transmission services in Germany, were hit by a distributed denial-of-service (DDOS) attack. The organization’s CEO, Boris Schucht, revealed that their communication systems were temporarily disrupted because of the attack.

EurActiv informs that the attack lasted for a total of five days, but no electricity suppliers have been affected. Schucht described the attack as being serious, but not dangerous.

The source of the attack appears to be Russia and Ukraine, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that actors from these states are actually behind the cybercriminal campaign.

The H reports that shortly after the attacks on 50Hertz, the website that serves as a platform for four German transmission system operators,, and the one of the European TSO Security Cooperation,, have been hit by similar attacks.

50Hertz provides electricity from renewable energy sources to 18 million German consumers.

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