German Calendar Predicted the Pope's Resignation

Comic illustration from 2011 suggests the pope will resign after winning the lottery

Only yesterday, the news broke that the pope was going to resign on account of his health keeping him from properly fulfilling his duties.

Oddly enough, a comic illustration published in a German calendar back in 2011 seems to have predicted this event. In fact, the only thing the illustration got wrong was the pope's reason for handing in his resignation.

Not to beat about the bush, the illustration, made available to you above, argues that the pope was going to quit his job after winning the lottery. “Holy straw sack! Tomorrow I quit!” the pope says in this comic.

As far as we know, the pope did not win the lottery on February 10, 2013. However, he did quit his job on February 11.

As was to be expected, Katharina Greve, the woman who is behind the illustration, admits that the coincidence is indeed both weird and funny.

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