German Authorities Say Cybercriminals Have Compromised 16 Million Online Accounts

A new service helps users determine if their passwords have been stolen

Germany’s Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) warns that cybercriminals have compromised around 16 million online accounts. A new service has been launched to help users find out if their credentials have been stolen.

According to authorities, researchers and law enforcement agencies have determined that 16 million usernames (usually email addresses) and passwords have been compromised after analyzing botnets.

Since many people use the same login information for multiple services, it’s important that they take measures, if necessary.

The new service has been launched by the BSI in collaboration with Deutsche Telekom, IT security company Avira, and other organizations. Internet users simply enter their email addresses on a website, after which they’re informed if their credentials have been compromised.

Affected individuals will receive emails containing recommendations on how to protect their online identities.

First, users must scan their computers with antivirus software to ensure that the devices are not infected. Secondly, they must change all their passwords.

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