Gerard Butler Is Ruthless and Deadly in ‘Law Abiding Citizen’ Trailer

“A man who loses everything is capable of anything”

“The Italian Job” director F. Gary Gray is making a return to movie screens this year with “Law Abiding Citizen,” a drama / action movie starring power couple Jamie Foxx and Gerard Butler as two men on either side of the barricade in the fight against crime. Last week, the first character posters for the film were released – and they are now duly followed by the first full-length official trailer.

When the teaser posters got out on the Internet, movie-oriented publications and fans alike were saying that there would probably be more hype around the movie if people got to see more details of it, that is, if the studio also put out a trailer for it. At the same time, the general belief was also that a movie starring Butler and Foxx deserved more attention than it was getting at the time, so perhaps the fans’ plea has finally reached the ears of those in charge of promotion and distribution.

Be that as it may, the first trailer for “Law Abiding Citizen” is here and to say that it looks promising would probably be an understatement. Butler’s fans are positively ecstatic about it, since it promises them a film that will show the “300” star like they’ve never seen him before: raging mad and willing to spare no expense to get his revenge. For those not familiar with the plot, this is what “Law Abiding Citizen” is all about, a personal vendetta against a justice system that compromises when people’s lives are destroyed and that allows criminals to run wild and, most importantly, free.

“‘Law Abiding Citizen’ is a thriller about a brilliant sociopath who orchestrates a series of high-profile murders that grip the city of Philadelphia – all from inside his jail cell – and the prosecutor assigned to his case who realizes he is the only one who can end the reign of terror. The plot focuses on a man who, ten years after his wife and daughter are brutally murdered, returns to extract justice from the assistant district attorney who prosecuted the case against their killers. His vengeance threatens not only the man who allowed mercy to supersede justice, but also the system and the city that made it so.” the official synopsis of the film reads.

Judging by the trailer, this is one production that promises a lot in terms of action sequences and suspense. Whether it will also deliver, fans will see starting October 16, when it is scheduled for theatrical release. Enjoy the trailer below.

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