George Clooney Pays for Man’s Dinner in Berlin

Actor finds a lovely way to make up for being “rowdy”

Always the gentleman, actor George Clooney has found a very unique way of apologizing to a fellow diner in Berlin, after he and his company were a bit “rowdy” on a night out: he picked up the bill.

Clooney rarely makes headlines save for his acting career, his humanitarian work and, yes, his love life, but this time people can’t stop talking about how awesome he was the other night when he paid for a stranger’s dinner.

“The actor was dining in Berlin when he took care of the stranger's bill - conscious that his group may have been too rowdy,” Digital Spy writes, citing ongoing reports.

It is not known where the man was seated but, considering Clooney picked up the bill because he assumed he and his friends had been too much of a trouble, we can assume he was sitting close to their table.

The bill was of over €100 (£86 / $134.3), but it was the gesture that totally shocked the man.

“They had behaved in a very cultivated manner. I was stunned,” he is quoted as saying.

“The gesture happened on January 25, with Clooney making preparations to shoot The Monuments Men,” Digital Spy further says.

As noted above, the actor barely makes headlines for occurrences such as this one, which probably explains why this story is getting so much traction right now.

In fact, Clooney makes a clear effort to keep his name out of newspapers and tabloids in general, even if that means not addressing persisting rumors that he’s gay.

In November last year, for instance, it was his sister Adelia Zeidler who felt the need to speak up to make the rumors go away, but only after she was tracked down and hounded by the media.

George had always loved women and he’d always been a heartbreaker who valued his privacy more than anything else, she said by means of an explanation of why he didn’t want to settle down, as we also reported at the time.

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