Gennifer Flowers: My Affair with Bill Clinton Made Him President

Alleged former mistress comes out of the woodwork with more revelations

Back in 1992, one woman single-handedly almost derailed Bill Clinton’s presidential bid by talking to the press about a longtime affair she had with him, and even going into the most sordid details of said romance in a book. Her name is Gennifer Flowers and she’s back.

In a new interview with New Orleans TV station WGNO, with Susan Roesgen (video below), Flowers talks about the recent Petraeus scandal and waxes poetic about how trendy celebrity scandals have become, even though they’re also terribly unfortunate for all those involved.

She should know a thing or two, she says, before getting into the thick of it: she made Bill Clinton President because of the scandal she kicked off with her saucy revelations in 1992.

In fact, she adds, she and Clinton were on the same page as regards the need to have his name out there through whatever means possible, even if that included a scandalous affair.

“It amazes me that this type of thing continues to happen,” she says.

“I made him [Clinton] a household name overnight. We had had that discussion. He said, ‘My problem right now is that no one knows who I am. I need that name recognition’,” the alleged former mistress goes on to say.

“He went on to talk about the other candidates and the advantages they had. When my story came out, he was a household name. I’m very serious,” Flowers adds.

In the same interview, the 62-year-old former lover also reveals that Clinton is still not over her – or so she says.

He reportedly contacted her to meet again in 2005 but she turned him down. Presumably, she knew better than Clinton that he no longer needed her to get his name out there in the press. We’re just saying.

Check out Flowers’ interview below.

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