Genius Releases 3-Way Speakers with Maple Wood Design

The SP-HF800A audio system is composed of two satellites

3-way speakers don't need a separate subwoofer, since they each have a woofer for low frequencies, in addition to a tweeter for high frequencies and a mid-range driver.

Genius has introduced a pair of 3-way speakers called SP-HF800A.

From within their classic maple wood boxes, they can produce sound in 20W intensity. The woofer and mid-range driver have a diameter of 2 inches, while the tweeter measures 1 inch.

The copper coating and golden rings on the cones enable “an even more classical aesthetic appeal.”

The frequency response of 80 Hz to 20 KHz may as well get a mention.

Furthermore, buyers will be able to adjust treble and bass separately, or even attach a second source of sound via the extra line-in jack at the front.

Genius is selling the SP-HF800A in the US and Canada, for US$54.99 / 54.75 CAD / 43-55 Euro.

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