Genius Presents a New Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Kit

Yet another Wi-Fi enabled product makes its way to stores

We've seen routers and bridges, so now we get to look at a more specialized Wi-Fi device, namely the Genius KB-8005 keyboard.

Equipped with the ability to tap into the 2.4GHz wireless spectrum, it has low profile keycaps that allow for quiet taps.

There are six hot keys as well, for media control and Internet access, although these things don't really qualify as unusual additions at this point.

Shipping in a bundle with the Genius KB-8005 is the 1200 dpi Blue-Eye mouse, which has its own mini receiver.

Black or red finishes can be selected before ordering a shipment. Sadly, the company has neglected to mention what price the peripheral set sells for.

Then again, with people looking all over the place for good Christmas presents, there is little chance of the newcomers being overlooked even if they showed up online unannounced.


Genius KB-8005 keyboard bundle (2 Images)

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