Genius Intros Gila Professional Gaming Mouse

A CES Innovations Award Honoree, it is now available in North America

Genius has made its obligatory new year's product announcement, one that has the special honor of having been awarded a 2013 CES Award for precision, comfort and performance.

As the title says, Genius has formally introduced a new mouse, one that is not ordinary by far, due to its design and many features which, while not truly necessary, significantly expand the potential uses of the peripheral.

Indeed, the newcomer has more than enough reason for being described as a professional gaming mouse, or even “the ultimate configurable gaming mouse.”

Not only does it have 12 buttons, but it also gets LED brightness pulsation and adjustable sensitivity.

For the sake of comparison, normal mice only have three buttons, with the scroll wheel acting as the third button more often than not.

At any rate, the Gila mouse has 12 buttons, which can be configured into 72 macros. That way, the mouse can store quick commands for multiple different games at once.

The other thing that can be adjusted is the dpi range. There are five steps, although the top sensitivity is of 8200 (200 is the minimum).

Furthermore, Genius gave the Gila a rubber finish grip and a response time of 1 ms, plus Independently adjustable LED backlighting in 3 areas.

There are no less than 16 million color options. Basically, if owners have a favorite color, they will get it.

Finally, the Gila has an adjustable weight, thanks to the use of six 4.5-gram weights and integrated storage case.

More information can be found on the official product page. The link might see quite a bit of use, since it will take some persuasion to consent to paying $99.99 / 75.23-99.99 Euro for a mouse. Keeping that in mind, it is no wonder that only professional gamers are likely to buy Gila.


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