Genius Intros Gila MMO/RTS Professional Gaming Mouse

It has 12 buttons, a laser sensor, and the Scorpion user interface

Razer may be content with just updating existing mice for the time being, but Genius has decided to launch a completely new mouse, even if the kind of games it is best suited for are losing traction.

The new Genius mouse is called GILA MMO/RTS and the games losing traction are massively multiplayer online titles, though real-time strategies were fine last time we checked.

There are 12 buttons in total on the mouse. That means the obvious three (left/right click, scroll), a couple of thumb buttons, two buttons on the right of the right click button, two on the left, and a pair of buttons on either side of the scroll.

Genius ships the Gila with the Scorpion user interface software, which lets owners assign buttons, make macros (up to 72), customize performance and make it so that the dpi instantly goes down when needed.

Speaking of which, the dpi range of the laser sensor is of 200 to 8,200 and it is controlled via the built-in overclocking SG Core II engine.

And now we arrive at the section for completely unnecessary but pleasing perks that the mouse possesses, not the least of which is the adjustable weight.

Thanks to six weights of 4.5 grams (storage case included), customers can make their peripheral as light or heavy as they want.

The onboard memory of 32 K makes sure the macro commands and everything else work well, without game blocks and such.

The backlight system is another feature. Genius supposedly made it possible to choose from 16 million RGB colors (three different areas can light up like a bulb).

Furthermore, Genius Gila has a braided USB cable of 1.8 meters (5.90 feet) and a rubber finish grip “for complete control and handling.”

Genius will expect buyers to hand over $100 / 100 Euro for this mouse. Find more information on the product page.


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