“Genius” Dog from China Can Add, Subtract and Multiply

This pooch gets the sum of 3.44 and 3.56 right, and can solve complex equations

Lu Zesheng, of Jiangsu province in China, is convinced his dog is smarter than others, even calling his Samoyed, Potato, a “genius.”

As you can see, the pooch is made to add, subtract and multiply. It responds to its owner's questions by barking a certain number of times.

Asked how many digits 10M has, it answers correctly. It even gets the sum of 3.44 and 3.56 right, which is actually impressive.

As it is shown cards with numbers on them, written using letters, it can tell what number to bark out. It can not only read numbers, but actual equations, which it then solves, barking out the answer.

By the end of the clip, it is revealed that the dog recognizes numbers even when they are recited to him, and can make out the digits that are included in a number.

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