GeeXboX 1.2.2 Is Capable of Multi-Threaded Video Decoding

Also comes with a bunch of other new features

The GeeXboX team proudly announced a few days ago, on June 19th, the release of their media center Linux distribution, GeeXboX 1.2.2. This new version boasts quite a few exciting new features, of which the most important one has to be the experimental support for multi-threading video decoding.

What does that mean? "Non IT people can see this as a way to finally make use of their brand new multi-core CPU systems providing parallelized treatment. And the results are pretty good, with a 1.8x video decoding speed boost on Core2Duo and 3.0x speedup with Core2Quad. It is now truely [sic.] possible to actually decode 1080p HDTV streams on Linux.," the team explained. Still, as some problems may occur, users will have to manually enable it in the ISO generator.

Other highlights of GeeXboX 1.2.2:

· Upgraded MPlayer and its codecs;

· Improved automount daemon;

· The GOOM audio visualizations were removed;

· The DVD CSS descrambling functionalities have been extended;

· Support for the latest encryption method – DVD MovieProtect.

About GeeXboX

GeeXboX is a very small (approx. 20 MB) Live CD based on the very popular Linux multimedia player, MPlayer. GeeXboX is made for watching movies and viewing photos on your PC, even if you don't have a hard drive. Because it's so small, GeeXboX boots in only a few seconds, and, after the system has loaded, the CD will automatically eject from the CD/DVD-ROM so you can enjoy hard drive movies, DVDs and photos on your PC, as GeeXboX will run entirely from RAM and will offer you a very nice and intuitive interface.

Download GeeXboX 1.2.2 for 32-bit, 64-bit and PPC architectures right now from Softpedia.

Download GeeXboX ISO Generator 1.2.2 for 32-bit, 64-bit and PPC architectures right now from Softpedia.

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