GeForce GTX 670 WindForce 2X Graphics Card Launched by Gigabyte

The specifications are left alone but the hardware is better than the reference model

Gigabyte is in full form launching new graphics cards, no doubt determined to release as many new products as possible before the end-of-the-year shopping season is concluded.

The company has revealed a new GeForce GTX 670 graphics card, one equipped with the WindForce 2X cooling module.

The idea is the same as the one behind the GeForce GTX 660 WindForce 2X, launched just the other day.

We should first say that Gigabyte is not letting loose the dogs of war, since it has decided against blatant customizations.

Instead, it figured it was enough to take the stock video card, change some things about the PCB (printed circuit board), add a different cooler but leave the specifications as they are.

This will ensure a longer product life and a price not too much higher than the one borne by the stock adapter. The actual tag hasn't been revealed though.

At any rate, the GeForce GTX 670 WindForce 2X (GV-N670WF3-2GD) has the graphics processing unit, with its 1,344 CUDA cores, running at 915 MHz.

This is only the base setting though. When needed, if ever, the clock will go up until it reaches 980 MHz, automatically.

All things considered, it is not a very large increase, but it is still better than nothing. Fortunately, there shouldn't be many, if any, instances where the normal settings are insufficient. Regardless of what some may think, even the latest games run easily on cards weaker than this one.

But we digress. The other major feature of the Gigabyte video card is the memory. 2 GB of GDDR5 VRAM are available, operating at 6008 MHz.

As for the rest, Gigabyte tossed in Ultra Durable VGA components, a blue PCB paint job, a 256-bit memory interface and four video outputs (two DVI ports, an HDMI connector and a DisplayPort output).

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