GeForce GTX 660 Ti iGame, a Truly Colorful Graphics Card

Developed by Colorful, it is hand painted to celebrate the World Cyber Games 2012 Final

There are many gaming competitions around the world. The final of one of them took place quite recently, in Shanghai, China. Colorful has decided to celebrate it somehow.

The method to do so turned out to be quite straightforward: create a video board dedicated to the occasion.

The result was the GeForce GTX 660 Ti, with a multi-colored shroud and no fewer than three fin arrays that are outside the PCB.

Those three heatsinks are detachable and bear the name of “Air Kit” as a set.

In truth, the GK104-based graphics card with 2 GB of GDDR5 VRAM and 192-bit interface doesn't really need such a complicated and large cooler, but it never hurts to have a justification for a slower fan and, thus, less noise.

Colorful decided to add dual-BIOS functionality too. The BIOS-es are actually identical, but one (secondary EEPROM chip) will always be there to restore the main one if it is flashed wrong, or if overclocking settings become problematic.

Availability will be restricted to China and maybe Europe. No price was given, but it will definitely be higher than the reference $290 / 290 Euro.


Colorful GeForce GTX 660 Ti iGame (5 Images)

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